morganoliviz said: Is that “After the Dark”?

it’s like the frustration has seeped from me yes it is you are an angel thank you!!

SOME HELP IF YOU’D BE SO KIND hey hooo okay so i watched a movie trailer a long time ago and it was like a bunch of teens and a leader and they basically were secluded (maybe?) in this place and i swear it had a vibe like they were the only people left and basically there’s a scene where they all get handed a piece of paper with their careers on it and they were basically told they had to choose somebody to leave and i dont think you lived if you left OR SOMETHING

It’s crazy how when I go back I will a completely different person to when I left

I fucking hate people

♪☼☼☼☼☼♪ hey guys so i’m currently in a local theatre group production of hairspray and unfortunately we just don’t have enough money to get the amazing set we want (and deserve!!!), so if anyone out there feels like they could spare just a pound to go towards our set or take two seconds to reblog this post it would be so so so appreciated by everyone involved, thank you thank you thank you !! ♪☼☼☼☼☼♪

Harley & Ivy, S2 E56

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This one really spoke to me.


This one really spoke to me.


Some gems from the #AskSupernatural tag 


This is exactly why we have this technology

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